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Crewe & Nantwich U3A

Year - Autumn 2014 to Summer 2015


Welcome to the Crewe and Nantwich ′University of the Third Age which by the end of our season 2013-14 reached subscribed membership of 1,539.

This site is for those who wish to find out more about us and to provide information for members.


Most of our activity groups are on holiday from roughly the end of June to the beginning of September (See Key Dates for details). However, our committee remains active and we are open to enquiries and new member application. Much of the information for the coming academic year is in place. During the holiday we will continue update our web for the coming year. Our new year begins in Autumn (September) and ends towards the end of June in the following calendar year. Please note, on this page, the Key Dates - beginning with our Open Day in August.

Please contact the web master if you have relevant data or if you come across any errors.

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Guidance on using this web site

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Please feel welcome to look around our site.

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Introduction to Crewe & Nantwich U3A

Crewe Nantwich - Cheshire Cat

Crewe & Nantwich U3A (Registered Charity No 1073787) is a Club for those no longer engaged in full time gainful employment and is affiliated to the National Body of The Third Age Trust.

The title of ′University′ refers to the original meaning of: a collection of like minded people committed to learning for its own sake. There are no examinations. The rewards are in learning, participation and social interaction. Members are encouraged to participate as either learners, teachers or leaders. 

Crewe & Nantwich U3A currently has a membership of over 1400 and facilitate over 90 course groups. Courses can be intellectually stimulating, physically beneficial or just good fun.

We hope you will consider joining us and participating.

Members will receive a full programme listing groups, times, dates, venues, group leaders and contact details.

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New Groups in the 2014-2015 Academic Year


Group CodeGroup NameDayStartEndVenueLeaderPhoneDescription
DCWDigital Computing/Camera WorkshopThursday14:3016:30Wells Green ChurchBrian Moore567197 
IFInstrumental FolkWednesday14:0016:00House BasedSarah Goodwin486200The group will focus on English folk tunes, working on memorising, harmonising and improvising as a group
IF2Instrumental Folk - 2Wednesday14:0016:00House BasedSarah Goodwin486200The group will focus on English folk tunes, working on memorising, harmonising and improvising as a group
LDBLine Dancing BeginnersMonday13:0015:00Willaston Masonic HallGill Walters664279 
MJMahjongWednesday10:0012:00House BasedCatherine Mc Intosh666985 
TAITai ChiThursday10:3011:30St Marys Nantwich Parish RoomsLiz Raphael626974 
TDTap DancingThursday14:0015:00St Mary's Church Hall Main HallAdele Hoyles665902 

For meeting dates please look up in the Times/Venues section.

See also the News&Notices section for some proposed new groups


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Programme brochure



Below is a link to a copy of the Programme. The documents is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and you will find instructions at the bottom of this page.

  • Programme Sept 2014 to June 2015

    Contains Programme Timetable with Group/Classes details

    The website will be updated with any changes notified to the webmaster.

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